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A Colourful Frozen Yogourt Shop in Toronto | February 27, 2013

Prototype Design Lab crafts a sweet interior with hits of candy-hued finishes for Fritzy’s, a self-serve shop in Toronto. Diners can sprinkle their yogourts with toppings from the candy dispensers, produced by Acrylics by Design. Read more...

Acrylics By Design, Doing our Part | November 30, 2012

Some of our custom products as well as our people have been featured in or on some of Canada's most publicized shows and or magazines such as Canadian Living (Feb. 2009), The Womens Network's "Love it or List it", HGTV's "My Parents House", the Discovery Channels show "Ultimate Niagara Falls", City Line to name but a few.

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As Featured on The Discovery Channel's "Ultimate Niagara Falls"

Acrylics By Design was featured on the Discovery Channel's "Ultimate Niagara Falls" episode. See what it is like to plunge over the Niagara Falls. We have in-cased two HD Cameras in a Polycarbonate box, which is then mounted to a floatation raft and set adrift in the Niagara river above the falls..

Acrylics By Design Inc. owner Wayman Harten ("The Plastics Man"), is the creator of an incredibly durable polycarbonate box . Its purpose is to protect the two cameras as they travel over Niagara Falls and to give you a view never before seen by any one, see what it might feel like to be pulled down the the river and then hurled over the edge!

As Featured on The Women's Network's "Love It or List It"

My Parent's House Banner

See our products on The Women's Network's "My Parents House" & "Love it or List it." Click the banner above to view our info as a supplier to a television show seen in over 90 million homes across North America.

As Featured on CityTV's Breakfast Television

The "Wheel of Friday" raffle drum was created and donated to Toronto's City TV's Breakfast Television by Acrylics By Design, to be used in their "Friday Friday Friday" draw episodes. Another example of our fabricated acrylic parts in use. Contact us with your project today.